Hull Structures

We undertake all aspects of structural engineering and design for the Hull Structures. We deliver Hull scantling design, hull global and local primary structure design, appurtenances, outfitting’s, deck structures, fixed jacket structures, compliant tower structures, pile foundations, etc. We perform strength, fatigue, and buckling analysis. We also design corrosion protection systems.

We provide deliverables up to and including approved for construction drawings, as-built drawings, and shop fabrication drawings when required. Experience with both ABS and DNV classification. We undertake in-service inspection plan development.

Some of the Hull structures we provide services for are
  • Tension Leg Platforms
  • Semisubmersibles
  • Spars
  • FPSOs
  • Control Buoys
  • CALM Buoys
  • Jackets
  • Compliant Towers